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As an executive body of a company - in particular a managing director - you get competent support e.g. with regard to the negotiation of contracts, your rights in an ongoing service relationship as well as in seperation situations, e.g. the negotiation of settlement agreements.

Negotiation and assessment of contracts

  • Managing director service agreements
  • Variable compensations, provisions, bonus-, royalty- and target agreements, stock options, long-term-incentives
  • Non-competition clauses, customer protection clauses and indemnities
  • Company car agreements / Car allowances


  • Advice to own or company-based terminations
  • Anti-Dismissal-trials
  • Negotiation of settlement agreements

Dependencies of employment law

  • Data protection law (in particular: employee data protection, atenschutzrecht (insb. Arbeitnehmerdatenschutzrecht, European privacy regulation, Federal data protection act)
  • Company participation in the supervisory board


  • In all kinds of court proceedings, including interim relief in I., II. and III. instance

Other employment law

  • Equal treatment / Anti discrimination (AGG)
  • Payment-related questions
  • Secrecy obligations
  • Claims for damages (liability, cases of fraud)

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