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For your company I offer a long-term strategic advice as well as support with regard to specific problems (e.g. dismissal situations of matters of employee co-determination).


  • For managers and executives
  • For HR-Managers

Drafting of contracts

  • Employment contracts
  • Managing directors service agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Variable compensations, provisions, bonus-, royalty- and target agreements, stock options, long-term-incentives
  • Non-competition clauses, customer protection clauses and indemnities
  • Company car agreements / Car allowances
  • Training agreements / repayment agreements
  • Company loans

Dismissal Management

  • Preparation of dismissals for reasons of conduct, for personal (e.g. sickness) reasons and for operational reasons
  • Conduct of anti dismissal trials
  • Negotiation of termination agreements
  • Special protection against dismissal (e.g. pregnant women, severely handicapped and equal persons, young people, apprentices, works council members)
  • Warnings
  • Reference letters

Works Council Rights

  • Negotiation of works council agreements
  • Advice on rights of employee co-determination
  • Representation in works council disputes
  • Settlement processes, in particular on reconciliation of interests and social plans
  • Contesting of works council elections
  • Council of employees with disabilities
  • Council of youths and trainees

Collective Bargaining Law

  • Collective bargaining agreements
  • Strikes

Strategic Advise

  • Restructioning measures (personell reductions, operational changes, closure of operations, outsourcing, transfer of business)
  • Founding and acquisitions of companies
  • Advice for Start-ups
  • Third-party-related workforce (e.g. service contracts, labour lease, joint operations)
  • Development of payment systems
  • Compliance
  • Modern work (Work 4.0, flexible working time and payment systems, home office / mobile office, "Bring-your-own-device", job sharing)


  • In all kinds of court proceedings, including interim relief in I., II. and III. instance (labour courts, regional labour courts and federal labour court)

Other employment law

  • Labour Lease ("AÜG")
  • Equal treatment / Anti discrimination (AGG)
  • Continued pay in terms of illness (EFZG)
  • Obligations and breaches of obligations
  • Secrecy obligations
  • Claims for damages (employee liability, cases of fraud, liability issues)
  • Fee transparency law
  • International employment law (in particular posting of workers, choice of law according to Rome-I-Regulation, Applicability of the correct legal system in employment-, social security- and taxation matters, use of work abroad or from abroad
  • Safety at work
  • Partial retirement

Dependencies of employment law

  • Data protection law (in particular: employee data protection, European privacy regulation, Federal data protection act)
  • Company participation in the supervisory board
  • Social security law (in particular social insurance law, law for severely disabled persons, employment promotion law and bogus self-employment)
  • Law of occupational pension
  • Right of unfair competition (UWG), e.g. Secrecy obligations
  • Insolvency employment law

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