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As am employee or executive you receive extensive advice on all employment law matters - as well as related to your rights in your ongoing employment relation as well as in change processes or with regard to terminations, respectively the negotiation of severance payments.

Negotiation and assessment of contracts

  • Employment contracts
  • Agency agreements
  • Variable compensations, provisions, bonus-, royalty- and target agreements, stock options, long-term-incentives
  • Non-competition clauses, customer protection clauses and indemnities
  • Company car agreements / Car allowances
  • Repayment due to training agreements
  • Company loans

Dismissal protection / Negotiation of Severance payments

  • Dismissal protection in cases of dismissals for reasons of conduct, for personal reasons (e.g. sickness) or for operational reasons as well as extraordinary dismissals
  • Negotiation of termination agreements
  • Special protection against dismissal (e.g. pregnant women, severely handicapped and equal persons, young people, apprentices, works council members)
  • Warnings
  • Reference letters

Collective Bargaining Law

  • Collective bargaining agreements
  • Strikes


  • In all kinds of court proceedings, including interim relief in I., II. and III. instance (labour courts, regional labour courts and federal labour court)

Other employment law

  • Labour Lease ("AÜG")
  • Equal treatment / Anti discrimination (AGG)
  • Continued pay in terms of illness (EFZG)
  • Obligations and breaches of obligations
  • Secrecy obligations
  • Claims for damages (employee liability, cases of fraud, liability issues)
  • Fee transparency law
  • Payment-related matters (e.g. default of acceptance, minimum wage)
  • Part-time law
  • Federal Vacation Act
  • International employment law (employment-, social security- and taxation matters)
  • Safety at work
  • Partial retirement

Dependencies of employment law

  • Data protection law (in particular: employee data protection, European privacy regulation, Federal data protection act)
  • Social security law
  • Law of severely disabled persons
  • Work promotion law and social insurancy law
  • Law of bogus self-employment
  • Law of occupational pension
  • Right of unfair competition (UWG), e.g. Secrecy obligations
  • Insolvency employment law

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