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Who has clear thoughts, can make clear statements.

It is not only my claim to advice you professionally on the highest level and to find intelligent, efficient and pragmatric solutions with an eye for the essentials. I also show you all options in a transparent, understandable and eye-to-eye manner. For I have the experience that trust between a lawyer and a client arises when the client understands the matter and thereby makes decisions by conviction.

You will feel that I advice with 100 % passion. For me, no mandate is the same. First-class legal advice means seening the specifics of each case. Therefor, I not only look at the legal situation, but also advice with vision and a sense for your individual situation as well as the context of the matter. In situations that others have already given up, I also look for unconventional solutions. I am always open to looking outside the box to pursue progressive approaches and to break new ground.


I am glad that many clients attest to a special empathy and humanity. Successful representation of interests requires not only negotiation power and assertiveness - but also the necessary intuition for the individual interests and needs of the client.


All this makes me almost unique in my professional field - you will notice it.

I am happy to hear from you!